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Monday, March 4, 2013

TheLuxhunters: Hello Guys i wanted to welcome you for visiting my...

TheLuxhunters: Hello Guys i wanted to welcome you for visiting my...: Hello Guys i wanted to welcome you for visiting my blog please enjoy my new post about games and gameplays enjoy

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Life and bees!

Contemplating the universe and looking around me , how beautiful is life! everything seems accurate and precise, the sky, the earth, plants animals, human everything living or non living is done in a perfect perspective!
Bees, this little wonderful dynamic insects, overwhelming in every movement in every dance attracted me to ask so many questions and try to find a lot of answers!
Bees, became my obsession since I read months ago about the danger which is confronting it, the style of life, pollution,insecticide...etc . I decided to find a way to save this little insects, how could I help? how could I spread awareness? who will join me for this humble and noble purpose?
While browsing in the Internet I got an idea, why not to create a community to fight for bees or to create the day of bee's love or something similar, in the end something letting people to remember the bee to defend the bee and to save it from termination.
How wonderful if everyone will participate on planting bees' favorite plants such as lavender and other plants having the special fragrance that bees adore!
How marvelous the image of a colorful garden or field where thousand of bees display their stunning performance!
I am sending my gratitude to my friend June stoyer who is an active bees lover!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are the comments ranking articles ?

Do you have a blog (website)? how many articles have you with no comments ? do you think you didn't make an impact on the readers , or may be you didn't drive them enough to action?
I had ventured to do some investigations , i guessed , that starting from small blogs (websites) to the most popular ones , so many articles was left with zero comment are much more than i expected , although most of them are solving important issues in several specialties
(social,tech,medical,etc ...) , then ,it comes to my mind this question: "why should i not share this topic with all my friends and readers? "
I am sure , that every one of us did experience that feeling !!!, even the most famous blogs (websites) , specially all of us know the time and the effort given to a topic for publishing it and making it a ready dish on every body's table!

By some discussions with friends, i conclude some of the facts:

_ long topics redaction , sometimes adding some unnecessary explanations.
_ Archaic language (can be English or others ) , not helpful for an article .
_ the facilities for posting a comment, should take minutes, to not prevent the user to quit without leaving his opinion !

The image with this post , is my illustration before writing my topic ,it is a simple overview about non commented articles .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My ambitions toward the future !

My real education started when i bought a laptop & an internet connection !
i m a person who likes reading writing & calculating ,my passion in life is to search what can be useful for the humanity & human ,that's why digging on a perfect book to read or a magazine was somewhat so difficult to me before getting into internet world , I can't find every day what i am searching for in a library , sometimes i should spend hours may be days to find my favorite cultural test!
Today ,with this amount of information in every field , it gave me the opportunity to change my career after being struggling for years for something i really didn't feel comfortable in it ! then comes the word entrepreneurship in my life , i was so interested in innovation ,finance & business, specially after the decline of most countries commerce . as a challenger woman ,i want to challenge myself in proving that i can enter this field & be to be successful , all i need is to study the market & discover the other person's mistakes to ovoid it ,& it worked !
thanks a lot to my beloved brothers, who also did design to me the steps i should follow !
Another spot light in my life which is very precious to me , the world of agriculture , that fantastic world which fascinates me specially TREES UNIVERSE ! i have a true deep love to all kind of trees ! i did found a community named "TREENOTMONEY" , first to show how trees are important in human life since centuries to that day & secondly, i have a strong jealousy toward forests ,in the beginning i started by myself to plant all kind of trees ,it needs a person with a lot of patient ! some of seeds can takes months for seedling but when the first leaf comes out you can not imagine how beautiful feeling you can get somewhat like if you get a new baby born !
then my family supported me in several ways , but it is not enough , i had now 600 palm trees ,500 avocado trees ,300 Chirimoya trees , 30 mango trees, including a variety of other kind of fruit trees such as lemon ,orange ,apple grips & so ! now i m getting a big family of trees which i did take care almost alone . today i have more than 3000 trees it is not big quantity for a professional agriculture but for me it is already a nice start that i did not imagine to do in the beginning !
today i m looking for a land to transfer all my beautiful trees & start my first little forest ! i hope all ladies of my place will participate with me to grow our forest, the time there are some people terminating it with a crazy speed !
i know that my little trees will be faithful to me , to my kids ,my family & all who will participate for them growth ! ((*__*))

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

world wide quality education goal

Education is a word related to all of us from childhood, continue to live with us as long as we keep admiring it! The objective of providing a quality education for all children, youths and adults throughout the world appealed to the entire world for moving toward a new vision of education by submitting a new educational plans, to substitute a structured new methods that takes full advantage of the potential of the actual technologies. The archaic & ordinary way must be avoided & combat. I hardly believe the changes will lead to brilliant revolution in educational field & can be adapted to the scientific, economic & political needs today!

Not all the majority of kids & youth can afford a quite comfortable schooling. Tornado, the raging storms, hurricanes, tsunami devastation , river flooding and earthquakes, including a giant waves of catastrophes.

Pandemic diseases (epidemic diseases) that have wiped out a huge portions of the population & specially spread in the affected sites by natural catastrophes,(mentioned above), remember the H1N1 & HIV that have decimated a big amount of citizens.

Highlight wars in different areas, famine, luck of water & sanitation deficit... the list is frightening, (i really don 't mean it! ). The number of children in the world: 2.2 billion maybe more (internet statistics), how many do you expect are still in life since you start reading my article?! how many can find them daily necessary needs ?! how many are in good health & can have plan for the future ?! how many? HOW MANY?... how many left can accessed to school in the minimum normal & none luxury life ?!

!!! ((o__o)) !!! it's a mess! isn't it ?! unfortunately, the answer is yes! It shows beyond what we can imagine! That's true! Shortly, so many are suffering to reach them schools in normal conditions, to receive ( if I can say) an equilateral life, built on Peace, Finance and opportunities, may be this triangle can lead us to a better quality of education in addition a big quantity of kids & youth can gain benefits of it!

I mentioned the list is huge, divorce became a nightmare in children's life! in every ten couples, more than three got divorced, more than four are not understanding each other (the parents are performing a show) of course the audience guess " children are!

Video Games represent a threat, that menace the innovative minds & terminate children's ambitions & limit it between a key touch and a luminous screen displaying a tragic scene which is not recommended even for adults, and wipe up a sense of human feeling. I know there are some will disagree on my opinion, I'm not trying to convince any body however am trying to open and to introduce you to all your neighbors not only those you can see from your front house windows but those living beside!

Other behaviors such as drugs, alcohol addiction, homosexuality/ sexual enharassement etc... I'm sure that every body has an idea about the way for a better life to our children and a high standing quality education . Did I proposed a solution ? no! did I solve a part of those problems? maybe! BUT I'm sure, YOU & YOU & I, we can solve it all together!

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PS: a lot of thanks to my lovely children who gave me a huge help !

Sunday, February 28, 2010

spreading Knowledge

Fatin, this is my name ,easy to learn (fat & tin), moderation is what i m looking for in every thing!
It took time for me to publish my articles not because it so hard thing to do, but it seems so simple to be dangerous for spreading ideas what ever it is ! i want to be clear ,plain as English is not my native language ,my purpose ,to learn from your comments as for you to enrich your data (information) while reading my humble notes!